Hiring a Contractor?
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Hiring a Contractor?  No Problem!

I'll make it easier!  When your contractor arrives to give you a quote, you can have paint colors, and brands all picked out, which will save you time and money.  If you like, I will estimate the amount of materials needed and you can purchase the paint yourself, saving even more money off the bill.  As a retired professional contractor, it would have been a dream to walk in a clients home and just paint, not having to worry about paints and colors, what goes here and what goes there.  I'll take of that for you. And of course, that would definitely be worth a contractor cutting their price.

Having been a paint and remodeling contractor for more than half my life, I also know what to look for in a good contractor.  Over the years I’ve heard many complaints about faulty contractors that did inferior work, didn’t complete the job in a timely manner, or just ran off with their money and never showed again.  While no one can guarantee the results of any contractor, I can help you in deciding on a quality one of your choice and what to look for.  I will also advise you of the most common mistakes made by those who were unhappy with the contractor they chose.  If needed, I will work with you until the job is finished and you have released your contractor and are satisfied with the outcome of the work in scope.  All of my services are included in your consultation fee.
Painting can be a hassle and expensive.  It’s important to get the most for your money when painting your home.  Whether you’re painting yourself or hiring a contractor, it’s important to be happy with your finished product.  I'll help make your project a breeze.